My first property in San Pedro "Sunset Caribe"

When I first visited San Pedro, I knew I wanted to be connected to this beautiful place and as soon as I got home from my trip immediately began researching the process to purchase property as a foreigner. Scouring sites and connecting with various agents who would send great properties but just not for me, until I met Jill. I found a listing on their site and submitted an inquiry and Jill did everything else from start to finish. When we connected in person on my next trip I told her exactly what I was looking for and it was very specific which included pets allowed, short term rentals allowed, water views and all the amenities. It was not an easy ask and yet, Jill magically made my Belizean dream come true. There were many properties that met my list but just didn’t love them and then she found the exact perfect match. And… she did it in less than a month after we first met. I’m sure I did not make it easy but it didn’t matter to Jill. Without being pushy or pressuring me, she honed in on exactly what I wanted and made it happen. Now, I have my (first) property in San Pedro and I couldn’t be happier.

I will highly recommend Jill, without any reservation, to anyone wishing to purchase property in San Pedro.

Thank you for making my dreams a reality Jill!!