Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Hi, we are Frank and Lauren Stoakes from Calgary, Alberta, Canada and have been a two – time buyer and a one – time seller through Josh Buettner at Ambergris Seaside Real Estate.

Our first experience with Josh in 2009 was the purchase of a condo in San Pedro.  We found him to be both knowledgeable and professional and he steered us in the right direction.  His help and support didn’t end at the “sale” and in 2012 we bought beachfront property south of San Pedro through Josh.  Again, Josh not only guided us through that process but also offered helpful suggestions on contractors, building standards and architectural details and in 2013 we started construction on our new home (which is completed!).

Finally, as we installed ourselves in our new house, Josh negotiated the sale of our condo while also guiding my wife through the Qualified Retired Persons (QRP) process.  The staff at Ambergris Realty helped us prepare and submit much of the paper work required to import household furnishings, pay our various taxes and obtain and licence our vehicles.  They kept us informed on a timely basis of what we needed to do to complete these sometimes confusing processes.

Throughout this whole time frame we have always felt welcome to drop by the office for a chat or to ask advice and he and his staff have proved to be friendly, knowledgeable, trust-worthy and helpful local resources.  Again the help and support doesn’t end with the “sale” and we can highly recommend Josh and all of the associates at Ambergris Seaside Real Estate as your San Pedro real estate needs.

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