Ambergris Caye is the largest of the Belize islands and is located in the northeast part of the country sharing its northern border with Mexico. The island’s location on the Meso American Barrier Reef provides for superb diving, fishing, snorkeling and boating. Ambergris Caye is approximately 25 miles long with only one town (San Pedro Town) located on the east coast 5.5 miles from the southern tip. The island is the main tourist destination in Belize and is easily accessible via 20 minute flight or 1 hour boat ride from Belize City (35 miles) or the International Airport.

Development on the island begins on the southern tip and extends north approximately 15 miles with the majority of the 18,000 residents residing in and around the town core. San Pedro Town offers all the amenities you would expect for a tourist destination: medical clinics, police, fire, churches, grocery stores, hardware stores, marine supplies, restaurants, gift shops, specialty stores as well as tour operators and guide services for mainland and water based activities.

The roads on the island are paved in the town core, two miles south and 3 miles north of the cut (river connecting ocean and lagoon) which separates the northern portion of the island. A bridge across the cut connects the north side but road travel beyond the pavement can sometimes be a challenge after severe rains. South of the pavement the roads are generally in good condition, but during severe weather they can also become a challenge. The road extends all the way to 9 miles north of town.


  • Electricity: 5 miles south of town, 13 miles north of town
  • City sewer: 2 miles south of town
  • City water: 3.75 miles south of town
  • Cable TV: 5 miles south of town, 6 miles north of town
  • Phone: available everywhere via cell service
  • High speed Internet: available in most areas

Residents and resorts use a variety of alternative sources including: wind and solar for electricity, rain catch and desalination for water, aerobic septic systems, satellite TV and internet. Boats, golf carts and bicycles have always been the main forms of transportation on the island, but over the past few years we have seen more ATV’s, motorcycles and cars. How you get around will depend on where you are located on the island as well as your level of fitness.

The coral reef that provides such wonderful snorkel and dive sites means that the water behind it is shallow and grassy for the most part. There are a few great swimming beaches but they are not the norm here. Residents and visitors tend to swim off docks in the deeper water away from the weeds.

There are plenty of activities to occupy your time: fishing, diving, boating, snorkeling, exploring, biking, visiting Mayan ruins, watching exotic birds and animals. Or, if you prefer, just relax with a cool drink under your palapa. For the community minded there are causes dealing with children, education, women, families and animals that will welcome your participation.

That’s a brief summary of what is available on the island, but ultimately a visit will answer all your questions. Ambergris Seaside Real Estate will be pleased to assist your exploration of the island by setting aside time to give you a tour by golf cart and boat, so that you see the island from both perspectives. To help us set up a convenient time for the tour, make sure you contact us when finalizing your travel plans!

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